Barinder Sandhu

Barinder Sandhu of Brampton, Ontario, is the founder and CEO of Evergreen Pharma Solutions; a best in class consulting service to global pharmaceutical companies.

Barinder Sanhu

a visionary leader working for the largest global pharmaceutical companies in Canada and the USA

Barinder Sandhu is the Founder and CEO of Evergreen Pharma Solutions; a best in class consulting service to global pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical/cannabis companies. Ms. Sandhu’s unique skill set allows her to offer creative solutions into business strategy & organizational design coupled with a core knowledge in regulatory affairs, quality assurance and business process re-engineering. This allows her to effectively work with both C-suite leaders and line management at a strategic and operational level. Her clients appreciate her proven track record with both start-up companies as well as more mature organizations, where she has led business transformation projects applying key principles of lean sigma to increase productivity whilst delivering significant cost savings.

Over the last 20 years, Ms. Sandhu, has served and been consistently recognized as a trusted visionary leader working for some of the largest global pharmaceutical companies based out of Canada & US. Her persuasive leadership style, strong project management skills and investment in people has given her the capabilities to successfully lead global teams traversing many different cultures to tackle complex projects. Ms. Sandhu is a continuous learner who is passionate about giving back to her teams by empowering her people with knowledge and on the job experience. Her most rewarding experiences have been to support people on their own journeys to recognize, realize, and reach their full potential.

Ms. Sandhu graduated in Chemistry from the University of Toronto and holds a MBA from the Rotman School of Business. She has obtained post-graduate certificates in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and Quality Operations and holds a green belt in Lean Sigma manufacturing. She has also served on the Editorial Board of the Canadian Association of Professional Regulatory Affairs with several published articles.

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In the recent months, the onset of the novel coronavirus has significantly impacted nearly every industry on a global scale. According to Barinder Sandhu, the Founder and CEO of Evergreen Pharma Solutions, the pharmaceutical industry proves no exception. While the concrete details regarding industry changes are yet to be determined, one thing remains certain: the industry will weather drastic shifts due to COVID-19’s implications.

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Founder and CEO of Evergreen Pharma Solutions, Barinder Sandhu, is featured in an exclusive two-part interview with the publication Thrive Global. During the interview, Barinder shares her varied experiences throughout her impressive career in the pharmaceutical industry, and shines a light on how females can thrive in STEM related industries.

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